Welcome to the Center for Cultural Innovation’s NEW online grants program site!

A few words to help you on your way:

About This Online System: CCI uses a third-party provider for this online application system, which specializes in nonprofit organizational grantmaking. We share this information so that you understand that we are using a system that uses terminology and questions that make more sense for 501(c)3 nonprofits or individual artists, and less sense for informally organized collectives, start-up enterprises, or temporary ventures. To that end, please read the instructions below to navigate this system.

About the Demographic Information: CCI is committed to distributing resources equally, equitably, and fairly in ways that reflect the diversity of application pools and populations. To that end, we ask you to fill out demographic data so we better understand the communities we are trying to serve. Please note that while the panelists will see this information and may consider it in ensuring that the overall grantee pool is diverse in many ways (projects, enterprises, and demographics of all types), demographics in itself is not being judged as a category of consideration. You may choose to answer demographic questions as an individual or as a reflection of the overall composition of your enterprise—up to you.


1. Please click on “Guidelines” button and print and read the guidelines carefully for the grant program to which you are applying.

2. Please create a Profile. This must be done before you can access the Application Form. Note the following about your Profile page:

• Profile contact should be the same as the primary applicant on the grant.

• Type of Profile: select “Individual” for individuals, informally organized collectives or enterprises, or sole proprietors, OR select “Organization” for organizations or enterprises with an FEIN/Tax ID number.

SAVING YOUR WORK: When filling out the Application Form, please save your information regularly by clicking the blue “Save Work” button at the bottom of the application. When you are ready to exit the site, save your work again.

SUBMITTING APPLICATION: To review or print a copy of the application pages at any time prior to submission, click “View PDF” at the bottom of each page. We strongly encourage you to review your application in its entirety before formally submitting your application. When you are ready to submit, you MUST click the “Submit” button. You will not be able to make changes to your application once you submit.

QUESTIONS? Call the CCI Grants Info Line at (415) 288-0530 or email grants@cciarts.org